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New technologies bring new opportunities for the education and health sectors to get their message the community.

17 Frames has the capacity to show your project in its best light, to reach out and define a subject in the public domain.

This is because video is a great way to bring complex structures to life in a way that is accessible to the community. We combine 1st class interviews techniques with quality voice overs and animations.


Case Study 1:

IPRU RID Study Video outline

The Injury Prevention Research Unit of Otago University in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of New South Wales, Melbourne and the Australian National University are currently analysing the responses from study participants who have been involved in a trial to examine the effectiveness of online treatments for depression. The trial is important because it explores news ways to reach out to and treat a form of illness that is stigmatised in society as well as an enhanced sense of social isolation for people with depression. 

17 frames worked in conjunction with the Research Team to produce a short video that was designed to bring together the diverse elements of the trial, illustrating to current study participants, potential participants and other interested parties, what the study is about and how it works.  

Of particular importance to us was to illustrate the relationship between the participants’ actions by their involvement in the study, and how that contributes to the greater good of our local and global community. 

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